15 november 2012

Free Apps for the Shaft Alignment Professionals

Fixturlaser, a world leading manufacturer of laser based shaft alignment systems, is pleased to announce that the company has, in cooperation with VibrAlign, developed three free apps for the shaft alignment professional: the Align Terms, Laser-Dials, and Therm Align.

Fixturlaser has in cooperation with VibrAlign, its American distributor, chosen to develop the following shaft alignment related apps:

• Align Terms: Align Terms is a reference app for machine shaft alignment where you can look up shaft alignment terms and watch instructional videos.

• Laser-Dials: Laser-Dials is an app used to convert shaft alignment measurements between rim and face dial indicator readings and laser system angles and offsets

• Therm Align: The Therm Align app helps those performing shaft alignments calculate the value of compensations for thermal growth (also known as dynamic movement) of rotating equipment. Therm Align will calculate the thermal offsets needed to compensate for this thermal movement. Movement of both the stationary and movable components is taken into account to determine the proper compensating “target values” needed on the movable piece of equipment.

Hans Svensson, CEO Fixturlaser, says: ”The development of free apps that will significantly help out the maintenance technician is just what Fixturlaser is all about, creating real value for our end users.”

All three apps are available for free download at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

High resolution pictures (zipped files):

Align Terms


Therm Align


Free Apps for Shaft Alignment Professionals


For further information about the product and technical inquiries, please contact:

Hans Svensson, CEO, tel. +46 31 706 28 00, e-mail: hans.svensson@fixturlaser.se


Editorial inquiries:

Anchi Jonasson, Marketing Communications Officer, tel: +46 31 706 28 67,

e-mail: anchi.jonasson@fixturlaser.se